Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

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Charcuterie boards make entertaining even more fun! Mix things up with one of these unique charcuterie board ideas.

Charcuterie no longer has to be just a combination of specialty cheeses, cured meats and olives. Creating a fun, colorful spread is the perfect way to bring a little creativity to any event.

Classic charcuterie boards usually include mostly meats and cheeses (and maybe some olives and fruit). However, over the past few years this trend has shifted to include nearly any kind of collection of finger foods you can assemble on a board or plate.

From picnic-friendly foods, game day bites, baked potato fixings, holiday themed spreads and more, unique charcuterie boards add some extra fun to any get together with family and friends.

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Charcuterie Boards That Aren’t Just Meat and Cheese

Tired of the traditional charcuterie board options? Check out these ideas for your next party!

Dessert Board

platter of different desserts

Have a sweet tooth? This yummy dessert board is the perfect addition to your next get together. It would also be a wonderful gift to create for Mother’s Day!

Dessert boards can include whatever you personally love! You could even create a Christmas dessert charcuterie board (perfect for the holiday season).

Brunch Board

brunch breakfast charcuterie board

Finger foods are always a hit! This creative board included deviled eggs and smoked salmon as well as tiny waffles. You can add thin slices of prosciutto, crisp veggies, fresh fruit and more to this breakfast charcuterie board.

Baked Potato Board

board with baked potato fixings

This is no simple snack board! If you’re searching for a unique charcuterie board that’s ready for a crowd, this build your own baked potato board is a generous charcuterie board ready for a crowd.

Cocktail Hour Board

build your own cocktail board

Perfect for happy hour inspiration for an office holiday party or just a group of friends who love creating their own drinks. Mini bottles of liquor, mixers and garnishes allow each guest to craft their own perfect cocktail.

Peanut Butter Board

peanut butter, crackers, cookies on a board

How delicious does this board look? It includes peanut butter, thin cookies to dip, reeses and other peanut butter friendly food!

Taco Board

tacos and sauces on a round board

Perfect for Taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo or really any other night (because tacos are the best). This easy board was put together with beef tacos, chicken tacos, guacamole, salsa, chips and sauces purchased from a local taco place, but can also be created with homemade additions too.

Plane Snacks

snacks from a plane ride

This creative charcuterie board was a huge hit at our last party. A guest who was flying home came directly from the airport and didn’t have time to put a board together.

Instead she creatively grabbed extra snacks from her flight and assembled them on the fly (get it??)!

Popcorn Board

assorted types of popcorn

Have a movie night coming up? Surprise your guests with this unique charcuterie board idea! Assorted flavors of popcorn means that everyone will have something they like to munch on during the flick.

Halloween Charcuterie Board

halloween themed charcuterie board

A fun and festive Halloween themed board is perfect for any spooky party and Halloween entertaining. This Hocus Pocus charcuterie board was created for a Halloween themed baby shower!

With candy eyeballs, plastic spiders and other ghostly goodies, this spooky charcuterie board is sure to be a hit for your halloween party too.

Charcuterie Board FAQ’s

What should be on a charcuterie platter?

A traditional charcuterie board usually has cured meats, various cheeses (including hard cheeses and soft cheeses), fresh fruit and/or dried fruit, nuts, olives, crackers and/or small slices of bread, jelly or jam. However, that’s not required for modern charcuterie boards!

Your perfect charcuterie board can include any food you like, as long as there is a variety of options and it’s assembled on serving boards.

What is the secret to a good charcuterie board?

A good charcuterie board should have a variety of food options. Ideally, these should be available as finger foods or in a form that is easy for each individual to serve themselves.

What is the ideal size for a charcuterie board?

A standard size charcuterie board is about 9×13 inches. However, unlike a traditional meat and cheese board, these days charcuterie boards come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter the size of your board, all you need is a platter to assemble your creation!

Most unique charcuterie board ideas also include their own take on a board or platter. Keep in mind the number of guests that you’ll be serving.

This beautiful large board would make the base for a beautiful charcuterie board for your next gathering.

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Delicious Charcuterie Board Ideas Add Fun to Your Next Gathering

Remember: the best charcuterie board ideas are the ones that speak to YOU. Here are a few more easy charcuterie board ideas:

  • Pizza charcuterie board
  • Thanksgiving charcuterie board (with bits of rolls, cut up turkey and yummy green beans)
  • Christmas charcuterie board (lay out your items in the shape of a Christmas tree!)
  • Fruit charcuterie board with seasonal fruits
  • Traditional meat charcuterie platter
  • Different types of cheese

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